Danger Will Robinson!

My car can sometimes talk too much. Lemme see. You can see that I got parked at the Plum promptly at 8:00 AM today and the temperature was four degrees, which was an improvement over the minus one of the night before. And the interior is set to 85 via remote start. All other settings are normal EXCEPT this screen doesn’t show the taaaaar light, which came on as we were driving home from across town last night. It’s all right, just frigid weather. My Subie app also reported the issue, which is the first I’d known about it since I wasn’t driving.

What I don’t like is that the big weather alert screen comes back on every 5-10 minutes or so and I can’t make it go away and not come back. As The Commander would always say, since I was a very small child I did NOT want to be told ANYTHING more than ONCE! (Spirited child.) Anyway I KNOW there is WEATHER. I can SEEEE it. But wait. When I am driving and this screen flashes on, it’s all I can manage to do to reach over and hit the “X” to make it go away. Since it came on THIS time when I was PARKED, I could see there is a “settings” button. So maybe there is a way to turn it off? Except the next time it comes on I’ll probably be driving and so won’t be able to figger it out.

So today my make-aheads were mashed potatoes, hash browns, Hollandaise sauce, and Chex mix. A more or less double batch of the last. We have a Chex mix fanatic (actually two) in our midst and I will be happy to not have partial boxes of cereal hanging around forever because we really do not eat dry cereal for breakfast any more.

So it was a pretty boring xmas eve day, which wasn’t all that bad. Except that I did not get space-i-fied in ANY way today, not even for five minutes. We have one overnight guest and two more coming over tomorrow. And a faaaaar in the faaaarplace, bluegrass type xmas music on the radio (not Spotify, at least not yet), beef/veggie kebabs on the grill, and wild rice on Gertrude.

2 Responses to “Danger Will Robinson!”

  1. l4827 Says:

    Your Christmas food specialties sounds great! We are having roast beast. We would like to mention honorably that our car only allows two remote starts also.

  2. Margaret Says:

    We had salad, fruit, TikTok feta pasta, and homemade cookies last night and French toast bake this morning. All yummy. My house has been chaotic and noisy the past few days. 🙂 Now it’s quiet and Mari is delighted.