Mr. Zip Zip Zip

Can you believe this is the only pic I took on this xmas day? Good mornin’ Mr. Zip Zip Zip. (Embiggen if you dare.)

Can you believe I also spent a fairly significant amount of time on xmas dealing with banking fraud? Yes, really. My main bank texted me yesterday that a fraudulent transaction may have happened. Well. Not only was there THAT fraudulent transaction, there were four more. They were all on my debit card and all for the same company. Fingertip axolotls are one of the items it sells. Cute but NO THANKS! The bank let four transactions go through before they notified me. I canceled the card before the fifth (and largest) transaction cleared. I had very minimal trouble with debit card fraud until the pandemic but I have had a few issues since then. Consequently I don’t use my debit card any more except that it is still attached to a couple autopays (will have to change that). I use a credit card for in-person transactions now and have an alert set up so that I remember to pay the balance weekly.

To dispute these fraudulent charges I had to go through a long online form, mostly radio button choices but I also had to tell them the last time I used the card in person, where, and how much. I could not remember or find that. In the end, I downloaded ALL of my 2022 card transactions into a CSV, uploaded it into Excel, and sorted it. Bingo. May, gasoline, 40-something dollars. So my dispute is filed and we’ll see what happens. It’s $220-something total so it won’t break the bank if I don’t “win” (but I think I will) but jeebus. Even getting to this point in the journey was fraught with server errors and inscrutable usability issues and whatnot. I finally had to switch to a different browser to get it done.

Oh don’t worry. Once I got serious about this, it maybe took 20 minutes. I am a ninja when it comes to beating up on computers.

We had eggs benny this morning, various snacks throughout the day, and Mr. Zip cooked dcuks (two) for dinner. He also plowed snow for us, the next door neighbors who are across the pond for the holidays, then put his Santa hat on and plowed our block’s sidewalks on both sides of the street.

Ho Ho Ho!

One Response to “Mr. Zip Zip Zip”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I hate fraud and would be so intimidated trying to track it down or fill out those darned forms. Sounds like a busy day with lots of good stuff to eat and kind deeds.