I make Chex mix twice a year, Thanksgiving and xmas. I have posted about this before. This year…

Thanksgiving: I did not have any seasoned salt. It was Wednesday afternoon before tday. (If I make it any sooner than that, “people” disappear it.) There was NO WAY I was gonna go to Kroger or wherever. So I googled seasoned salt and made my own. I dunno. The finished product tasted “off” to me. Bitter. I figgered it was my homemade seasoned salt. I did eat some anyway but then when the GG left on a junket two days later, I dumped whatever was left into the compost.

xmas: I had real seasoned salt so what could go wrong? I didn’t eat any until the day after xmas. It STILL tasted “off” to me. Obviously I couldn’t blame the seasoned salt and this time I managed to isolate the Real Culprit. You can make Chex mix out of all kinds of different ingredients. I mean it helps if you actually use CHEX CEREAL but I long ago switched out pretzels for sesame sticks. And that’s what I used this year. Problem? I was using a bag of sesame sticks I bought and opened LAST YEAR! Guess what? They were RANCID. Thinking back on it, my Super Nose* was telling me that but for once in my life, I DIDN’T PAY ATTENTION TO IT! 🐽🐽🐽

At least this didn’t make anyone sick! (I hope!) Just a horrible bitter, acrid taste. I put the rest of the sesame sticks AND the Chex mix in the compost and advised those who took some home to do the same. YUCK YUCK YUCK! I AM SORRY! I AM SORRY! I AM SORRY! LESSON LEARNED. Hopefully the baked brie en croute I ordered online helped make up for that.

*My Super Nose: Years ago, arriving at the Landfill from Up North somewhere, I was greeted by a college-age beach urchin asking, “Moom can you use your Super Nose to figure out what that smell is in the refrigerator?” KW [sniff sniff]: “Old dead broccoli.”

Pay no attention to Froooogy. He is dressed up fancily, using my striped witch tights as a scarf(?) and wearing a pair of my UNDERWEAR! Black Smartwool bikini style. TMI? Guess who dressed him up.

One Response to “Rancidity”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My mom has a super nose too whereas I do not. I love pretzels so I would put those in my Chex mix; I would never have thought of sesame sticks which would also be yummy. But not rancid ones. 🙂 One year I didn’t double check all my cookie ingredients at Xmas and there was something in them that made them taste bitter. Was it the flour? The cream of tartar? So many possibilities. Now I double check everything.