The Pensioner (TP) earns his keep (a sneak peek)

When we gutted the Landfill Chitchen back in 2014, right at the end of the Polar Vortex winter, I knew that I wanted an outlet in this wall. For whatever reason, an outlet was not installed. We have outlets everywhere else but not here. I’m not sure how this specification was missed but as much as anyone I blame myself for not keeping track. I was working at Cubelandia back then so wasn’t around and TP was not as rabid about wanting an outlet there. And overall, our kitchen reno folks were top notch over and above. Started early and finished in three weeks! And Jerry the carpenter managed to safely preserve a bit of old wall with “Mouse” written on it by our once 2-1/2-year-old. (The GG: Jerry is a genius.)

For reasons that I will divulge later this week (hopefully tomorrow), this issue came to the surface on xmas and here is Himself, TP, installing an outlet. This prodject would be waaaaay beyond my skills and talents. He managed to locate a stud, make an outlet-sized/shaped hole without destroying any drywall and installed the new outlet without electrocuting himself. Yes, he turned off power to wherever he needed to. About the only thing I did besides serve as a “noisy paintbrush” was to locate pictures of the gutted chitchen from back in 2014 to help him figger where the studs, etc., were. He called me from the hardware store (only one trip!) to ask if the switch plates were white or ivory. Well. Dirty but white. To match the white cabinets.

So yay for TP. Such a handy guy.

After this and quite a bit of rummaging for lunch, TP crashed and burned in the back room for a couple hours. This was a longer nap than the one he took yesterday after walking to Dexter and most of the way back. 15 miles and I picked him up on Stein Rd. a couple miles from home.

One Response to “The Pensioner (TP) earns his keep (a sneak peek)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Way to go! My late husband, ex-boyfriend and John can all do this kind of stuff. No men in my birth family can or could. I would electrocute myself if I even tried!