Coffee station!

It came today! Ordered yesterday and shipped from Kentucky. I’ve had this exact thingy in my head ever since we gutted the Landfill Chitchen but it hasn’t been until recently that this actual form factor started cropping up in my searches. Bonus that it came in red. My kitchen is white and teal (backsplash tile, not shown here) with red accents (and clutter). Certified Kitchen Lady replaced my red accents with yellow for photo shoots back when they were entering it into design contests and yellow works as an accent color too. And yes they really did enter it into contests and no it didn’t ever win 🤣

What pushed me over the edge to finally ACT on this thingy was that I received yet ANOTHER countertop appliance for xmas. A Keurig musheen. This was a wonderful gift but I was like where am I gonna put it? My kitchen is NOT LARGE. That led to yesterday’s outlet installation and today’s kitchen “island” delivery. Eventually the coffee grinder will join these appliances. Bonuses are the drawer to put small accessories in, the wire basket that provides a place to put fruit and the wine rack, which I am using now for a rolling pin too pretty to hide away but didn’t really have a designated “home”.

Big thanks to the GG for installing the new outlet and assembling the cart. Also breaking down a couple of big cardboard boxes. Fortunately the recycle went out today for tomorrow’s pickup so that won’t be haaaaannging around. Quite a bit of styrofoam too. I can’t recycle that in the curbside cart so I shut my eyes and trashed it. Sorry. Speaking of recycling, I am well aware that kcups can add a lot of crapola to the waste stream so I will definitely research re-usable kcup paraphernalia.

Oh yeah! Roooomba fits under the coffee station and you can lock its wheels so no chance Rooomba will push it down the stairs like she once did with the stool to the right of the coffee station.

One Response to “Coffee station!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    What a beautiful coffee station! I love it!!