Here is what the counter to the right of my kitchen sink looks like today. After we set up the Coffee Station and I did some further de-cluttering and rearranging.

One of the reasons I redid the kitchen (besides that it was FUGLY as all getout) is to get more counter space. And it HAS more counter space but people keep buying appliances to put on the counters. All three coffee appliances are now set up on the Coffee Station. The Cuisinart will live there forever. I don’t really use it all that often any more but I DOOOOO use it. The canisters (red) were hanging out under all of the Carefully Curated hanging tools clutter and I like them a lot better down at the end.

One item that doesn’t really belong on the counter is the HUGE container of oregano to the right of the Cuisinart. You may have to embiggen to pick that out. It was an early pandemic ordering snafu. I got better at carefully checking quantities throughout the pandemic but I am still not perfect. This was not as bad as the 18 cranberry goat cheese logs but I offloaded most of those to local friends/family via Facebook/Instagram. Of course I am not ordering as many things online now. If I need something like oregano (or cranberry goat cheese logs), I get it at the plum. Of course I obviously DO NOT NEED oregano.

I also eyeballed what was still leftover from xmas dinner, etc. We are almost at the end. Most of the leftover dcuk at this point is legs and wings and I’m not gonna mess with trying to get eensy weensy slivers of meat off those so they are in the freezer ready to go in the garbage cart next week.

That is about it. It was a rainy 50 DEGREE day, dreary but warm and I am feeling like I am actually a few inches ahead for the moment. KNOCK ON WOOD BIG TIME!

One Response to “Cleaner-upper”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That’s looking very neat and organized! When I first started ordering for pick up I inadvertently bought a gigantic package of grated cheese that I had to give mostly away. Apparently, I paid no attention to how many ounces were in the bag or Family Size printed on the package. I would spend a LOT of time at the coffee station!