Celebrating NYE in the living room

There’s this meme going around (maybe you’ve seen it) in which a person is trying to decide what to wear to their living room on New Year’s Eve. Except maybe they won’t even bother to go to their living room. I hate memes in general but this one resonates with me because I couldn’t care less about staying up to ring in the new year.

I expected to haaaaannng around the Landfill this evening. The GG would watch football and I would put together a shrimp dish with a couple lobster tails on the side. Text messages this morning! Moom, do you guys want to come over here for dinner? 🐭 and 🦝 will be there. Well. I admit I panicked just a wee bit at first. Wait. What? Someone is inviting us to their house for NYE? I hedged a bit and then I full on got into my brain that this invitation did not involve driving an hour over to megalopolis. It’s a quick mile or two drive over to our own little city’s Waterhill neighborhood to our daughter’s newly acquired house. Our other daughter is a few more miles (like six) from her house in the country a bit north of town.

Well, yes of course we’ll be there! They cooked. I brought ‘hattan stuff (it’s okay, we only had our usual couple and are home safely). We had a great time and it’s so much fun having them so close. I was always happy for them to pursue their lives elsewhere but it’s cool that they have migrated back to our town. I moved away from the yooperland as a young adult and did not return. Except to spend time at the moominbeach, which my generation and beyond now own.

I did spend NYE in a living room. Actually two. The living room in the pic, where we had dinner and a couple cocktails, and my own living room where I am now sitting on the Green Couch looking through our outdoor xmas lights at whatever is happening in the street, which is not much. Oh, here comes the moped guy.

Happy New Year to y’all, KW 🧡🧡🧡

One Response to “Celebrating NYE in the living room”

  1. Margaret Says:

    What fun to get an invitation! (I didn’t–but that’s OK) John is having a New Year’s Day get together and I already feel tired anyway, at 8:30. I may make it until 9 or or so.