Last book of 2022? Carrie. You know the one. Don’t take Carrie to the prom. This was a re-read. If I’m not mistaken it was Stephen King’s first novel? Or close to that. I saw the movie first with UKW in a Sault Ste. Siberia theatre. We probably went to the Back Door barrroooom afterward.

I’m not sure how Carrie flew by me but I decided it deserved a re-read. I was not disappointed. I am not a huge King fan. He’s a wonderful writer. It’s just not one of my preferred genres, whatever that really means. As so often happens when I re-read something decades after my first read, I understand a LOT more than when I first read it.

First book of 2023? The Weight of Blood. Guess what? It’s a re-telling of Carrie (and homage to King who the author greatly admires). Discovering it is what prompted me to re-read Carrie when I did (Carrie was already on my TBR). In this story, the Carrie character is Black (I guess I’m using capitals today), and racial issues are a central point. The author is not quite King but she’s pretty darn good and I greatly enjoyed the book.

Postscript. The GG does not like it when I talk about this next, I guess because he thinks I am bragging? I am not. But several times when I was young, complete strangers walked up to me, like in the grocery store or wherever and told me I looked like Carrie. I mean the actress who played her. I don’t suppose if a movie is made from The Weight of Blood, I’ll get told that and not solely because I am OLD. Then again, a Black man I had a “hi” acquaintance with long ago once told me I looked like Cicely Tyson. And then there was the guy who walked up to me in Kroger and asked me if I was a “lady minister”. These things do not boost my ego (the lady minister thing was just plain weird). What they do is CRACK ME UP!!!

I did another re-read of note recently but I’ll save that for another day.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Many people think I look like someone I know but no one famous. I guess I have an Every Woman face. Ordinary.