The GG took down the xmas tree today – during an all-day rainstorm 🤣🤣🤣 So I guess another holiday season is in the wraps.

For the last week or so or maybe even a FEW WEEKS, every time I walked across the front room, something would rattly-tap with every step I took. Whut? This morning I finally got fed up enough to try to seek out the cause. It was Dino-tree-us here tapping her tail against the wall. She doesn’t usually do that so I must have inadvertently repositioned her when I put out my Santa collection. Which I put away yesterday and I never posted a pic but you didn’t really miss anything.

So the GG got the tree out and vacuumed so the back room is back in order more or less. And then I heard him on the phone saying something to someone (probably the Uncly Uncle) about how he’d “like to have it but he didn’t know where he would put it”. I galumphed into the kitchen and said, “NOPE!” I dunno what it was, somehow I thought it might be a chair. It apparently wasn’t. But we need to get RID of furniture.

After he was off the phone I “confronted” him about this and was told I shouldn’t be eavesdropping! EAVESDROPPING? LOLOLOL! When he is on the phone my super ears can hear him from wherever I am in the house. I DO NOT HAVE TO EAVESDROP BECAUSE HE IS LOUD!!! Eavesdropping? OMG! Anyway, NO NEW furniture of any sort is coming in to this house unless one or two pieces go. That didn’t apply to the Coffee Station of course. That has been in my dreams for YEARS and solves a long-standing problem.

And then? Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to work I go. After being off beginning Friday the 23rd. It was fairly quiet as a lot of folks are still not back to work or even India yet. But I found plenty to do.

We are settling into evening with a Clannad mix on Spotify 🧡🧡🧡

P.S. We got Dino-tree-us from one of John Leidy’s Ann Arbor shops. Miss him so much. My yooperland parents loved to shop there (as did I). Mr. Leidy always remembered them when they came in and it was not because they bought a lot of expensive items.

One Response to “Aftermath”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I couldn’t wait to get the tree out and vacuum! I still have the girls’ snow globes on the hutch since they’re not Xmas themed but mostly winter scenes.