Doobedoobedoooooo. Bedoobedoobe. You did get that spreadsheet, right?

grassProbably yesterday’s photo would be best for today’s post seeing as it is of the Grand Poohbah and me. Even though we look dirty and disheveled and, well, “piggy” is the actual word that the GG used for us in that photo. What the heck? We are Beach Urchins!!! We are sitting on the old log pile outside the Old Cabin. There were seats carved in the logs and it was a wonderful place to play train and all kinds of other things. The ground in the parking lot between the cabins is sand mixed with pine needles and other plant material. It is dirty. It’s okay. When you get dirty on the shores of Gitchee Gumee, somebody can always clean you up in the lake! Although at that age, I think we had our baths in tubs in the old cabin with water heated in big teakettles on the old wood stove.

Anyway. the Grand Poohbah was here tonight. We walked over to Knight’s for dinner and then we galumphed through the Plum Market on the way home. We ended the night gnauffing and gnauffing and singing all of our old outhouse songs from back when I was terrified to go to the outhouse at night. Our outhouse did not have a light and my flashlight wasn’t bright enough to scare away all of the vampires and werewolves. Actually, I think my flashlight scared me as much as the werewolves and vampires with all of the spooky shadows its feeble little light would cast. If I could possibly manage it, I would use the outhouse at the old cabin on my way home from an evening of TV at the old Mc cabin. That’s the one that Pooh and some of my other cousins used. It was a two-holer and there was a bright light outside it. Pooh was too smart to be afraid of imaginary creatures like werewolves and vampires but alas, she has some rather awful outhouse memories of her own involving bratty cousins shutting the door on her or peeping through the knotholes behind the toilet seats. Yes yer favo-rite blahgger probably instigated some of those shenanigans. And no, she is not proud of herself.

Anyway, there is a spreadsheet floating around with all of the RegenAxe dates of arrivals and departures at various places and I am a spreadsheet queen but this one is making my brain hurt. I can more or less process arrivals and departures involving Fin Family Moominbeach and The Planet Ann Arbor. Anything else, I just cannot hold in my brain. Canada? Can’t process. You guys have a good time out there in Quebec. Maybe someday I’ll get back out there. Not this summer.

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