We’ve already said… Good-bye. Good-bye. Good-bye. Dum dadadadadum dum dadada dum…

partayI first encountered My Wednesday Breakfast Buddy (MWBB) in an html/css coding class over at WCC years and years ago. Five years ago or thereabouts. I was a front row gal, thanks to Pooh of RegenAxe. I wasn’t friends with MWBB at first. She was nice enough but she wasn’t in the front row and she sort of seemed like a person with more savoir faire than me, like maybe she was once a cheerleader or whatever. So we didn’t interact. I assumed the A-student role that I shunned as a child and she did whatever she did and I know she got those As too. I do know that we both had high expectations for ourselves when it came to school and grades.

We went through a few classes together at WCC before we started talking together about our lives and our kids and everything mooms talk about. And that’s when both of my kids were at Kalamazoo College and her daughter was deciding to go to college at kzoo. And then. We started to meet outside of class. For breakfast mostly. Because that is kind of when mooms of teenagers and beyond can get out. It was a while before we met weekly. I dunno exactly why. I am sort of shy in some ways and it can be hard for me to make friends. I was always thinking, “does she *really* want to be friends with me? Why?” But. Yes. MWBB was persistent and we are definitely friends now. For the last few years, we have met for Wednesday breakfast at rotating restaurants: Broken Egg, Jackson Road Coney Island, and Village Kitchen. The waitresses at all of those places have our usual orders memorized.

MWBB is moving this weekend. To Arizona. I wonder if/when all of our breakfast waitresses will wonder where their old tired old blonde good tipping mooms have gone. The GG and I attended a going away party for MWBB this weekend and I got to meet her parents and her mother-in-law, who actually mistook me for MWBB’s sister. We all laughed but I think that MWBB and I do look a lot alike. Except that she’s more beautiful than yer old kayak woman type blahgger.

I don’t think it will hit me that MWBB is gone until a few Wednesdays have passed. I still have my Thursday mensch-type coffee friends that I’ve been hanging out with since our kids were in middle school. I will see at least one of those wonderful women tomorrow. They will keep me afloat, as will my “group hug” walking folks at work.

Sandy, I will miss you. You know that…

One Response to “We’ve already said… Good-bye. Good-bye. Good-bye. Dum dadadadadum dum dadada dum…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That’s interesting because some of my friends I never expected to be close to and then…for some reason or another, I was! Your Wed. mornings will have a hole for a while until you adjust. It’s really, really hot in AZ right now—is she sure she wants to go?