ID required

I never know what the GG is gonna get into next. Today there was a lot of glass-clanking going on in his lair. When that was done, a box of empty OLD booze bottles was on the kitchen counter. Apparently he had de-cluttered The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Faaaararms.

Note that most of these empty bottles have been around long enough that they have collected dust. Meaning this was quite a few YEARS worth of empty bottles. They were mostly from fancy sipping bourbon but for whatever reason, a NON-empty bottle of vodka also emerged. We rarely drink vodka but I seem to have something like THREE bottles of it around right now. I once went on a de-cluttering rampage and dumped the dregs out of a bunch of liqueur bottles. We don’t drink those either but occasionally they are recipe ingredients. I decided that from then on, if I needed a small amount of a liqueur, I would buy an airplane sized bottle of whatever from the Whine Castle. And that’s what I have done except that I haven’t DONE it because I haven’t encountered a recipe that needed a liqueur since then. I’ll never forget the time I asked them to help me find kirsch (for a dessert type thing a beach urchin was cooking). They sell EVERYTHING there but they struggled with that one but in the end we were successful.

I can’t quite throw out the vodka but I don’t want it around so what to do with it? I’ve tried to give it away but people either don’t want it or seem to feel like they might be depriving us (not). A few weeks ago a penne alla vodka recipe flew by and I decided I would COOK the vodka away. Penne alla vodka is basically pasta with tomato sauce (and vodka). So I am making that tonight and I will seek out other recipes that call for vodka.

At the end of the day (and still) the GG is working on de-cluttering hardware collections. Nails and all kinds of other stuff. I’ll take it.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    My step-grandma (who didn’t drink) had ancient huge bottles of whisky in her garage, probably from the days when she played cards with those who did drink. Does liquor go bad? We poured all of it down the drain. Not a problem for us, but alcohol doesn’t actually cook out the way people think it does. I had to point that out in a Facebook group to a recovering alcoholic who thought it was OK to cook with alcohol. Awkward.