Groundhog Day (not politically speaking)

Gray gray gray gray. Every day. Rain or no rain. Bitsy bits of snow. But mostly gray. We’re missing the full moon (Ice or Hunter?) because gray. It’s okay. I’m not really upset by that. I’m more upset by the ludicrous polly-tickle discussions that keep going on around here but I’ll TRY to tackle that topic another day. I’ll just say I’m weary of it all. Facts and data before discussion please. From reputable sources.

The GG is in my good graces this evening largely because he flung some stuff today! He took two collections to the Scrap Box and they happily accepted them. One was a bunch (30 pounds?) of hardware – screws and nuts and bolts and things. The other was pieces of leather.

When I was a small child in Sault Ste. Siberia, we lived in a shabby little bungalow. The second story had sloping walls and in one room, several big drawers set in to the eaves. In at least one of those drawers was a collection of leather scraps. My dad’s journey from Army Air Corps pilot and flight instructor to bank CEO was an interesting one. I won’t go into it in detail for now but one of the stops along the way was tannery worker. I mean factory worker in the old tannery in Sault Ste. Siberia. It closed long ago and at one point was an EPA superfund site.

By the time I was born, dad had hired on as a teller at “his dad’s bank” and successfully completed “banking school” somewhere in Wisconsin. As my grandfather had done, dad worked his way up from there, not without some interesting twists and turns. Dad was a great banker and well regarded in our little city.

I’m gonna guess that The Commander may have originally had designs on the leather scraps. But she worked until shortly before I was born and then she was raising kids and she eventually started a new career as a teacher and the leather scraps have been moved from house to house to house until they finally landed in the Landfill Dungeon. The GG asked me if he could get rid of them and I said, “YES!” I’m sorry to any of The Comm’s grandchildren if they had designs on them but I know that NOBODY has time to play with them or space to store them. The Scrap Box was happy to take them on and I bet they will go to someone who will USE them for something creative. Or store them for another umpteen bazillion years as people will do with craft materials 🤣 Either way they are now somebody else’s problem.

The Snow Witch pic is from 2016. As I said earlier there is NO SNOW here at all right now. Temps are on the warm side of normal. Old Man Winter did spit some snow at us today but not enough to stick and at 37 degrees or whatever anything that hit the ground melted immediately.

One Response to “Groundhog Day (not politically speaking)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It hasn’t been too gray here lately, but the weather is so up and down. From very cold (for us) to 60 degrees. Glad you got some stuff flung. I need to get back into my garage and go to work!