Tinkety tink

Double Disclaimer: 1) This is another old pic from 2016. 2) It is a lie for today’s date because this particular astronomical phenomenon doesn’t happen for another few weeks. IF Mr. Golden Sun makes an appearance and that is a BIG IF!

Incremental progress today. Cleaned up a Greek olive “spill” in the refrigimatator. When you get your olives from the olive “bar”, don’t let the plastic container tip onto its side. For days every time I opened the fridge I saw it in its tipped-over state. Dooya think I had the presence of mind to put it back upright? Nope. The fun part of this is every time I have to clean the bottom of the fridge, I have to pull it out 8-10 inches from the wall. Which is okay, just a pain. All clean now.

Then I vacuumed the (carpeted) stairs to the Dungeon. I’ve been looking at little bits of debris (and a few spider webs) for WEEKS now. One of my FIVE (count ’em) vacuum cleaners is a purple Dyson cordless thingy and that’s what I used. Actually I have two of those, one we take to the moomincabin in the summer. So I guess I actually have six. Plus 2-3 more at the moomin.

I have a love-hate relationship with vacuum cleaners. I love Purply and Rooooomba (who I also ran today). Vacs with cords drive me NUTS but sometimes they are necessary for certain jobs! The Cyclonic Storm (big upright Hoover) is a pain in the butt but I’ve pretty much off-loaded that one to the GG. The ancient Electrolux canister vac is a workhorse and I used to use it on the dungeon stairs but Purply is so much easier. The shop vac is great when it’s needed, which is not very often, thank you very much.

Like the GG, I remember my dad was always happy to run the upright vacuum when need be back in the day. And back in the day, we had a terrifying old vacuum my step-grandma Bolette gave us when we were first married. In its heyday it could propel itself but by the time I “inherited” it, it was just a beast. She also gave us an old TV that emitted smoke the first (and only) time we tried to turn it on. I loved her ANYWAY! She was one of the few adults I knew when I was a child who would ask me INTELLIGENT questions and LISTEN TO THE ANSWERS!

So that was my day. Pretty damn boring but sometimes that’s okay. Love y’all, KW 🧡🧡🧡

One Response to “Tinkety tink”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Your day was more productive than mine! I have an ancient (40 year old?) vacuum cleaner that I love but that won’t last forever; I have no clue what to buy after it!