Payin’ it forward (in a small way)

Received an odd text message this afternoon with just this photo. Most of my text messages are from the beach urchins and most of those are about the word puzzles we do every day. I fairly frequently text with The King of Cryptic Text Messages (aka the GG) and sometimes with others. And then there are spam messages, which THANKFULLY I do not get a lot of.

So here was this photo with no text. Was it spam? Well, no I didn’t think it was. It was from my area code. I sometimes get text messages or calls from my area code and whatever you call the middle three digits of my phone number and I KNOW they are spam but this was just the area code. Also, I have never received a whine bottle photo from a spammer. This was more like someone trying to text a friend something like, “I am at the Whine Castle. Should I buy this?”

I could’ve ignored it but I plunged in and replied that I thought it was mis-sent (except that got autocorrected to mid-sent🐽). A few back and forth messages ensued: Are you so-and-so? No but the first name is close [a clue that I was also female and therefore not a particular threat]. In the end I was told I was a kind person and I reciprocated with wishes that she enjoy the whine. A small interaction but I felt good at the end of it.

The King of Cryptic Text Messages? Jeez. Like the time he was walking around town and I kept texting him and then CALLING him and he didn’t respond and he didn’t respond and… This was back when Twitter was new and it turned out he was TWEETING his replies at me🤡. Then there was the time he was texting with an “emotionally fragile” relative and that relative was getting freaked out because she didn’t understand what he was saying and interpreted it as threatening in some way. He was driving (I knooooowwww) so I grabbed his phone and headed the whole thing off by explaining that he had a weird style of text messaging. I love him anyway.

OMG! HB to my sister-in-law The Beautiful Gay! ❤️❤️❤️ The Twinz of Terror are celebrating with her.

P.S. Do you know your LATA?

One Response to “Payin’ it forward (in a small way)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Most messages I’m confused by are due to autocorrect. I am guilty of that myself–not proofreading and sending a very strange text. What is LATA?