Black as the ace of spades

The days are getting marginally longer. Sunset is marching along rapidly, a minute or so later every day. Sunrise inches earlier at this time of year, 8:04 for days, then 8:03 for a few more. I think tomorrow it comes up at 8:02.

This is what I encountered when I got to the Plum this morning when it opened, which is right about at sunrise. So dark and gloomy I think the streetlights were still on. 40 degrees though. I waltzed on in with a turtleneck sweater, vest, skirt, and tights. No hat or glubs. We often have days like this at this time of year (if Old Man Winter isn’t dumping snow on us). This one did not particularly improve and when I went out to roll my carts out to the street, it was in the mid 30s and the wind had kicked up.

I was so full of myself yesterday with that mis-sent text. When she (I still think she’s female) didn’t totally go away (told me what a kind person I was a few times🤢), I ghosted her. Enough is enough and I don’t need any new friends. Also suspicious is that her area code matches mine but she claims to live in New York. THAT wouldn’t be all that unusual but she is from another country? I could see this going quickly into the territory of asking for money or whatever. Nope. I did NOT give out any identifying information.

And then. At work, somebody somewhere in the world (maybe India?) accidentally copied a group email address (1400 members) on a message intended for two people. I have no clue what the group is for but I am apparently a member. Who knew? The offending sender apologized almost immediately and told people not individually copied to ignore it. But people DON’T READ so for an hour or so various idiots kept replying to it wondering why they had received it and asking to be removed. I ignored it. Jeebus, people. READ!!!

We’ll talk about remote couch buying another day. Note that I am doing it remotely not because of COVID but because I HATE furniture stores.

One Response to “Black as the ace of spades”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Oh, my, we had that happen too frequently (and sometimes embarrassingly) at school. Or even in the whole district. Cringeworthy. I love furniture stores and must sit on couches and chairs before I buy them. There are too many ways to be uncomfortable!