And again

This is not from today. Today was not foggy.

I had Meijer-type errands today, like cereal that the Plum doesn’t carry (you get to guess what kind of cereal🐸). Meijer is a beloved big box grock store and more. I like to do those runs by 7:00 AM. I dragged myself outta the rack extra early and checked my phone weather apps a bazillion times during my neighborhood perambulation. It was changeable. Old Man Winter was threatening snow. Or not. He wasn’t specifying accumulation and it was DRY… Until… I mobilized for my grock run, got into Cygnus (egregiously idling) and noticed water droplets on zee veeendsheeld. Okay (peering). Is this snow or is it SNOW? I set off anyway and it turned out to be snow and that was intermittent. Dry pavement all the way there and back. Old Man Winter can be such a trickster.

When I got back, it was still pitch black and they were just picking up my garbage cart so I met them down in the street to wheel it up. And then I schlepped my grocks inside and decamped to the Green Couch to read social media and start on word puzzles and my work day. It was *still* pitch black (and dry) and very cozy hanging out watching my neighbors stir before Mr. Golden Sun came up. Although he did not show his face today, not even for one second.

I started doing early morning grock runs because of covid. I am still concerned about covid but am mainly continuing to do my pre-dawn runs because there are no crowds or traffic anywhere EVER. I couldn’t really do this when I worked at Cubelandia unless I either wasn’t buying perishables or the temperature was okay for keeping perishables in my vee-hickle all day. I coulda put a bag of grocks in the work fridge but knowing me, I’d probably fergit to take it home that evening.

One Response to “And again”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It sounds like a good schedule as long as it doesn’t seriously snow. I don’t like driving in the dark if I suspect the roads are iffy.