The North Shall Rise Again

Mr. Golden Sun shone down on us ALL DAY! I took this pic almost an hour after sunset, which was 5:25 PM or so. As you can see, the western sky is still light.

Me? My major accomplishment today was to clean out the “hall” closet. What I am calling the “hall” is a small sorta square area with doors opening onto three bedrooms, the bathroom, and the small closet I cleaned out. It isn’t really a hall. Anyway, I decluttered cleaning products that we don’t use (Pledge anyone?) and vacuumed the floor, then slathered it with Spot Shot carpet cleaner. And how many odd light bulbs do we have? You do not wanna know and I did not get rid of those but what a mess.

If I am a bit behind my yearly Goodreads goal (100) it is because David Copperfield was my second read of the year. 1100 pages on my phone. I am a fast reader but I also have a full time career and household chores and yada yada.

So, I read Barbara Kingsolver’s book Demon Copperhead in the fall. I had NO CLUE at the time but it is a retelling of Dickens’s David Copperfield. I found that out via my blahggy friend Stargazer so of course I had to re-read David Copperfield. Problem? I figgered out PDQ that I had not READ David Copperfield before. I DID read Nicholas Nickleby so I guess I was thinking of that.

So of COURSE I had to read David Copperfield. And yes! Demon Copperhead is David Copperfield. Except with modern day pharmaceutical addiction and the broken US foster care system. Not that England in that era cared for orphaned children any better than our “system” does but that’s part of the plot in both novels. As always, that’s not to say that all foster parents are bad.

One Response to “The North Shall Rise Again”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I loved “Demon Copperhead” and am very much looking forward to discussing it at Book Club. Glad you got some sun. We had a couple of beautiful days and now are in a rainy and gray period.