NPD on MLK Day

Y’all know what MLK Day is roight? NPD is No Politics Day and that day was today, which happened to fall upon MLK Day this year. That means yer fav-o-rite blahgger got the day off work.

I spent NPD exactly how I wanted to. Got up and took a walk, then hit up the Plum for grocks (and beer, which I seem to have trouble remembering to keep in stock these days). Then. Coffee and puzzles and a slow progression of prepping for dinner. FinFam steak dinner. Filet mignon (eight 7-ouncers I happened upon at Meijer last Friday and yes there are some leftovers). Mashed potatoes. A sauteed onion mushroom garnish. Garlic bread. My lizard contributed a roasted veg dish and I fished some frozen shrimp cocktail outta the freezer. Oh yeah, and Chex mix with no rancid ingredients!

Did I decide on a couch yet? I am getting sick and taaarred of being asked that question every five minutes. But yes, I think I have settled on what I want. Did I want to go for a ride? Well. NPD is usually an occasion for a ride somewhere but for reasons I can’t articulate today was not the day. I dunno why. I didn’t have an idea of where to go and the GG has been traveling for five days or so. It was beautiful hanging around here this morning. Sunny although it eventually changed over to heavy rain and maybe even a peal of thunder? We weren’t sure but definitely not a meteorite.

Grateful for no significant gifts (except the yet-to-be-ordered TEAL couch). In fact I was able to actually off-load some oregano, acquired via an early pandemic online ordering snafu.

At least nobody has COVID this year including Ragtime Cowboy Joe here. Knock on wood big time.

On Spotify? Sons of the Pioneers.

One Response to “NPD on MLK Day”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Teal, yay! Happy Birthday!!