RIP another old rocker

I keep the radio down low all day so at the end of the day I wasn’t sure if I had heard correctly that David Crosby had died. Geez, he was just tweeting a couple (or maybe 10) days ago. UPDATE: Actually his last tweet was the day before he died.

I had a weird encounter with him (maybe?) when I was a kid. I was at some dive college baroooooom and he was apparently randomly slumming there that evening. I didn’t recognize him but after a [drunk] friend said over and over and over again, “Look at your album cover!” I decided well, maaaaybe it is him. I don’t really remember much more than that except that he was rude to me. And I was probably rude to him, especially not knowing who the hell he was.

True or not, it is a minor memory in my life. I was never much of a fan girl. I didn’t scream when the Beatles were on Ed Sullivan or moon over Paul McCartney’s cutosity (and he WAS cute) or any of that kind of thing. I had no aspirations to hang out with the rich and famous. I liked someone’s music or not. I did like Crosby’s (and his band’s) music and have continued to listen to it throughout my life. I’m listening to it on Spotify as I write this.

That encounter notwithstanding, I do (or did) follow him on Twitter. Why? I guess it began as curiosity killed the cat but I quickly found that I liked his views and opinions, at least the ones he posted. I have no clue what the 99.999% of his communications that didn’t get posted on Twitter were like. In life, he was known to be something of an a**hole and I can attest to that if my encounter was truly with him. But his tweets were spot on.

Anyway, I will miss him popping up on Twitter now and then and this is not the best picture of a yooperland sunset but it’ll do. The yoop is the closest I can come to heaven. Godspeed Mr. Crosby.

One Response to “RIP another old rocker”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Although I much preferred Neil Young, I loved CSN&Y and listened to their music a lot. It’s sad to lose such a great generation of musicians.