Cold war in libtard land

Y’all prob’ly don’t wanna know about the title. Two NON-libtards are zooming (in the cozy room) and one of them (the GG) mentioned libtards. Laughter ensued even from me.

I PROUDLY OWN the label Libtard! Some people seem to equate libtardism with communism or socialism or whatever. I think those folks need to look back to what they learned in their high school classes umpteen bazillion years ago. I am not about to try to provide definitions for those isms at this point. I also probably need to revisit those definitions. But I’m pretty sure that those systems don’t match what’s going on in the United Snakes nowadays.

But if I am a libtard, it’s because I want to take care of others who have less than I have if I possibly can. Yeah, there are the “welfare moms” who try to game the system but far more of the recipients of our tax dollars are in great need and facing huge obstacles to overcome them. I have more than I need and I don’t mind sharing a bit. I did a stint taking community college classes and I saw a lot of those struggles first hand. So many people have so few resources. I include intellectual, psychological, and family resources. We need to help those people if we can and I think a lot of people can. That is a lot different than forcibly taking resources from the “rich” and distributing them to the “poor”.

In other news! Yaaayyyy! We ordered a COUCH today! TEAL! We ordered it from a store in Gaylord and we will have to go and pick it up and trailer it back ourselves. That’s okay. I guess we’ll use the cFam Trash Trailer. Also okay is that it won’t be ready for 4-8 weeks. I’ve loved to hate The Green Couch for umpteen bazillion years and I can love to hate it for a few more months. I may actually need a long goodbye.

HAHAHAHA! A woman who joined the zoom meeting is also NOT a Musk fan. One of a few reasons why is she is reluctant to change her shaky eastern yooperland internet connectivity situation to Starlink.

One Response to “Cold war in libtard land”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I find the term libtard too close to another word that relates to intellectual disability. An abhorrent word. I proudly own the word liberal and agree with your take on it. I would add equality/fairness for those of difference races, sexes/genders and religions as well as economic status. Unfortunately, the way things are in this country, it is unlikely to come to pass.