A day in my life

Spotify: Mooooody Bluuuues now. Earlier Clannad (Celtic fusion).

Weirdness: “Go Now” came on in the middle of my Moody Blues Spotify playlist? Whut? This was the Moody Blues? Yes. It was. Me and the GG were both gobsmacked.

At the door? Clean Water Action slave. Yes slave. This is a scam organization that recruits idealistic college students to go DOOR-TO-DOOR asking for money. I’m sorry but no. Usually they are out in June when we have the “midnight” sun. January is a little odd. The GG was like “but this is a safe neighborhood.” I was like “no neighborhood is safe for a woman soliciting ALONE, especially in the dark.”

Cygnus? New veeeeendsheeeeld fluid today. Yay!

Reading? Second Game of Thrones book. Enthralled with the dwarf. So far.

Weather? Big clumps of snow hitting the roof all day long. Heavy snow yesterday and mid-30 temps today. Supposed to get cold overnight and windy tomorrow.

Delivery? Lobster pot pie (with dry ice and plenty of packing). Saving the box for flinging things.

Flinging? No progress but Kiwanis posted pics of their apparently revamped office supply section and it looks like they are taking BINDERS again! Yay!

Grock list? Cocktail onions. A recent rediscovery by the GG. I remember him sitting his mouse on the kitchen counter and sharing cocktail onions with her with a tiny hors d’oeuvres fork. I wonder if she still likes them. Oh yeah, and eggs. We’re down to two eggs. I used two today and one of the ones I cracked, I managed to dump the CONTENTS into the compost thingy with the coffee grounds and whatever, not the SHELL. A small tragedy and yes I KNOW how expensive eggs are these days. I am FORTUNATE that I can afford the exorbitant prices and that we don’t use tons and tons of eggs like we used to when we were feeding children.

Chickens in my backyard? Nope. Although I still miss the rooster that was around at a neighbor’s a few years ago.

3 Responses to “A day in my life”

  1. Margaret Says:

    We are getting the cold but hopefully not the snow. Would I recognize that song? I will play it and see. It’s very weird that for months (and currently) eggs have been $2.99/dozen at my local Albertsons. Everyone says they’re so expensive and hard to find but not in my area.

  2. Margaret Says:

    OMG, really? Of course I recognize the song but always assumed it was one of those groups like the Everly Brothers. So retro.

  3. Pam J. Says:

    Clean Water Action a scam organization? How do you know? I’m very aware that there are many scammy organizations out there but I didn’t think this was one of them. I’d be grateful for some proof. Thanks.