Rabbit Man (or is it snow rabbit?)

I guess this was from the GG’s walk today? Did the GG walk today? I almost couldn’t remember everything that happened today. Not that it was all that exciting. Just work stuff. So yes, he did walk and obviously he walked down to the river.

After my rant about Clean Water Action yesterday, a funny thing happened today. A white pickup truck pulled up and a few minutes later the doorbell rang. I was thinking it was Dan next door although he wouldn’t DRIVE here. Turns out it was a young kid (10 maybe?) who was offering driveway salting. The GG answered the door (thank you god because I was in a meeting) and he asked the kid how much this service would cost. Five dollars. The GG sneaked a little grin at me and hired the kid even though the GG had already salted our driveway. The kid was trying to save up money to buy a drone. The GG started working when he was about that age, beginning with a paper route.

I am totally okay with kids taking the initiative to earn money. I do not like when organizations like Clean Water Action “hire” young people to go door to door to solicit money.

Lobster pot pie tonight during porterzoomation. Lovely. Harry and David. When I was a kid, Harry and David was the applets and cotlets that some relative sent to my grandparents every xmas. Those were good but lobster pot pie is sooooo much better. As is their brie en croute. Times have changed.

3 Responses to “Rabbit Man (or is it snow rabbit?)”

  1. l4827 Says:

    Glad that Frosty The Snowman and Wonder Woman got together for some Harry ad David sandwiches.

  2. Margaret Says:

    They no longer make aplets and cotlets, thank god. I was once at the factory where they were produced. Lobster pot pie sounds gourmet!

  3. Pooh Says:

    No more applets and cotlets? I loved them when I was at our grandparents in the Soo! I have made brie en croute. Not very hard to do. Maybe for that February holiday?