Nothing like a weak sun

Mr. Golden Sun showed his face most of today but he didn’t turn on his brilliance until a bit before sunset. Most of the day he looked a lot like this pic.

The GG had a mini adventure in mind for today. “Let’s go for a ride!” Okay. I was kinda thinking about going south but he had another destination in mind, which was driving North Territorial Road over until it ended or at least to Meridian Baseline State Park. So that is what we did.

We got there and he wanted to take the mini-hike to the survey marker. I did not accompany him because I was not sufficiently dressed for 5-6 inches of snow and cold temps. I was dressed to go to the grocery store in Cygnus, meaning no scarf or balaclava, no jacket, and Keen sandals over tights. No boots. Cygnus egregiously idles at 85 degrees unless you change her settings so I knew I wouldn’t need to suit up unless we were planning to end up in a ditch, which we weren’t (and didn’t). So I let him go.

I worked on puzzles in Cygnus and at one point I jumped over to facebook just to see what was going on. A north country trail buddy of ours had POSTED ABOUT THE PARK WE WERE AT! I was gobsmacked. Of course when I told the GG about this, his response was, “I know.” Usually it’s meeeee who is ahead of the GG on facebook but not this time. At any rate, throughout our history as a couple, we have often driven North Territorial out to M52 and back. It is TODAY I learned that North Territorial Road does not stop at M52.

One Response to “Nothing like a weak sun”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I wouldn’t like cold weather/snow hiking if I was dressed for it. I much prefer crossword puzzles and geography games.