Dog doorman

It was my brother who once complained that he was nothing more than a doorman for a dog. I’m pretty sure he was talking about his big mutt Sam. That guy was a rather needy dog. He was a rescue although I don’t really remember the specific circumstances. We used to call rescue dogs (at least some of them) strays. My Tigger dog was a stray and she was the bestest smartest dog ever. We loved her and she was crazy about us and lived a good long life with lots of moomincabin/beach freedom. I loved Sam too but my brother was his PERSON.

Anyway, the GG was acting a lot like old Sam the dog today. In and out and in and out and in and out the back door. I mean he was grilling a chicken and at least I didn’t have to go and open the door for him every time. He is a human and can handle doors without help. And then it was in and out and in and out and in and out of the refrigimatator. I mean, after dining on a chicken, haricots verts with almonds, and wild rice, he made an English muffin. Why? He needed a snack. Why did he not eat any of the snacks he bought at the Plum Market today? I do not know. And then there was the whole hopping up and down in front of football games thing.

And then there was the garbage. He wanted to dump a chicken carcass into an empty compost cart? I don’t think so. Now. It IS okay to put meat scraps into our compost carts but it works better if they also have leaves and yard waste in them. Otherwise it’s a stinky mess in the warm parts of the year and things FREEZE to the bottom of the cart in the winter. Plus they only pick up the compost carts once a month in the winter. The proper thing to do is layer some dry leaves on the bottom of the cart, then put icky stuff in a PAPER grocery bag, which he had from going to the Plum. That’s not *exactly* what happened today but it’ll get figured out. The thing that was bothering me today is that I AM GARBAGE WOMAN and he seemed to be trying to usurp my title!

P.S. When I was a small child I got mad at my mom one time and the only insulting thing my brain came up with is “you meat scrap!”🤣

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I admit that I don’t know how to compost and would be delighted to leave that task to someone else! I’m easily distracted by activity so I would go a little nuts.