7 [headed snake] – 11 [pound mosquito]

The 7-headed snake was a facebook post. It was apparently posted with a straight face. I mean like the person who posted it seemed to BELIEVE it! I didn’t click on the link. Instead I opened a new tab and did The Google. As I expected the snake was a fake. Fake Snake!

I found info that animals with TWO heads (most commonly reptiles) are occasionally born (I knew that). But that they rarely live very long (I knew that) although a few 2-headed snakes have been known to live a normal life span and reproduce (I suspected that). But SEVEN perfect identical heads? Naw. And then. The article I found (Snopes) showed two additional pictures. One was the same snake with three heads. The other was an original picture of the real one-headed snake. Photoshop anyone? Although to be fair even the “original” one-headed pic could have been photoshopped. (I didn’t share a link to pics of this thing. Snakes are a serious phobia and even though I don’t have that phobia, the photo was too much for me, even though I knew it was fake.)

This reminds me of the strange conversation I found myself in at my childhood job one day when a weird co-worker told us about visiting some kind of exhibit that included an 11-pound mosquito. This was before them thar inter-tubes and she didn’t have any pictures so I was kinda thinking, um, why are we even having this conversation?

Other than that it was a “jumpy” day around here during which “people” had their eyeballs on tax season and were trying to log into all kinds of financial accounts with mixed success. Eventually “people” badgered their main BROTHER! (Don’t ask why, it would be boring to a cFam outsider.) That meant phone calls accompanied by the usual phone call pacing and meeeeee yelling from my online banking “office” in the front room stuff like, “routing numbers are BANK numbers and they are EIGHT digits plus a checksum digit and MANY accounts can have the same routing number!” They can also have a dash in the middle of the first eight digits but I didn’t tell them that. Also that we NEVER call them routing numbers (but banks do), we call them ABAs.

And this snowman seems to be listing a bit. Kinda how I feel after today😵‍💫 Or has he got a sword in hand leering at his victim? En garde! (Maybe I’ve been reading too much Game of Thrones.)

One Response to “7 [headed snake] – 11 [pound mosquito]”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I like snakes but I wouldn’t like more than one head on it! It’s way too easy to falsify photos. I worked on taxes today and obtained my IRS pin so I’m nearly ready to send everything to my tax lady. I wish I’d get my pension form!