Actually it was apparently more like KABOOOOOOOOM!!!!

A substation blew up. I did not hear it. It was (more or less) downtown and I was safely ensconced over here at teleCubelandia. I heard about it from the beach urchin whose office is in the vicinity. She didn’t tell me about the big boom, just that the power had gone out and if she didn’t have power at her HOUSE (which is close to her work), she might come over to the Landfill and co-work with her baggy old mooma duck.

The King of Cryptic Text Messages was also on the thread but he didn’t CAREFULLY read all of the messages (this is typical) so he CALLED me. He was WALKING down in that area and SAW IT BLOW UP if I have it right. In the grand scheme of things it seemed like a non-event, i.e., no one was hurt and the explosion cleared up quickly. And actually although there were power outages, they were not widespread and she was able to work from home for the rest of the afternoon.

So I didn’t get to see that beach urchin today but I did get a quick visit from the other one, who had forgotten her lunch money so came over to “borrow” some from me (that I will NEVER ask her to repay) and pick up a piece of mail that I keep forgetting to take with me when I go grock shopping. She could’ve borrowed lunch money from any number of people but she picked her baggy old mooma duck!

The GG got to see both beach urchins. The lunch money kiddo when she stopped by the Landfill and he and the lucky-shuckial one met up briefly at Kerrytown.

That’s about it for today. We will not talk about taxes and I did not see any weird monstrous aminals anywhere. You’re welcome.

One Response to “Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzt”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I did get my pension statement today so my part of the taxes is finished. Except paying, that is. Always fun to see ours kids.