Lil snowbeast

Rap music is not one of my faves (I don’t hate it, just don’t seek it out). But when you do the xword every day you sorta get to know at least some rapper names. Dr. Dre, Lil NAS X, and Cardi B are a few of the frequent xword rappers. I couldn’t tell you anything about their music but when you encounter a clue for a 3-letter word that begins a lot of rapper names, “lil” works. I am never sure if there’s an apostrophe in “lil” somewhere or not but it doesn’t [usually] matter for the xword.

I do like some of Eminem’s stuff. One time back in the Jurassic Age when Mouse had her learner’s permit, she was driving The Indefatigable with me in the front passenger seat as required. We were picking up our friend TK to go to a rehearsal or something. An Eminem song that I liked came on and Mouse was about to change it but I said, “Can I listen to this?” Well yes of course. So when TK clambered into the back seat of the 2-door jeep, he said something like, “Whoa, Mouse, music?” Like *you* are listening to Eminem? Her reply? “My MOM wanted to listen to it.” After that song was over I (of course!) let them listen to whatever they wanted. I liked my kids’ music. Sometimes after a bazillion practice driving runs out on the Huron River Drive I would nix Ani or Kaia. They are great. I was just got taaaared of hearing them umpteen bazillion times.

My daughters (like me) were excited about learning to drive. Lizard was able to take it as a high school class and did so proactively. She was doing some driver’s ed homework in the POC one day when a middle school PTO colleague came over to drop off paperwork or whatever. Lizard looked really young at that age and when I pointed out to the PTO lady that she was doing driver’s ed homework, the PTO lady (who had younger kids) was agape. By the time Mouse got to driver’s ed age, the schools had cut driver’s ed classes so I enrolled her in a popular local program. She was 14 at the time (which was legal for the course) and at first she looked at me like I was crazy but she took to it like a duck in water. It was so fun when we were heading over to a rehearsal and other Yaggies were next to us in their mom’s car and they were goggle-eyed! Mouse is DRIVING!

Of course both my daughters (and many of their friends and cousins of various degrees) already knew how to DRIVE (MANUAL TRANNY NO LESS) before they even took driver’s ed. This was courtesy of the GG and the Indefatigable and the yooperland’s two-track forest roads. Driver’s ed taught them to deal with city traffic and the associated rules, etc. They could already operate an automotive vee-hickle.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Both my girls had to learn from private programs since the high school ones had been cut. I don’t mind some rap/hip hop as long as it’s melodic and catchy.