Mini partay

So this afternoon. After a grock trip and a lot of chores and a fun phone convo with Uber Kayak Woman (out in the San Juans), I settled down to read. I’m midway through the third Game of Thrones book.

I think it was after 4:00 PM when I started to nod off a bit. I am NOT a napper but that time of day occasionally does me in. If I am on top of my game, I get up and move around. Today. I. Did. Not. So. All of a sudden I awoke to someone coming in my front door! Whut! I do not lock my door during the day when I am home. No neighborhood is 100% safe but this one is pretty close and from teleCublandia I can see everything that goes on outside, which is mostly people walking dogs wearing fancy jackets.

I jumped up and made some kind of horrible noise. I think I was trying to scream but it didn’t come out as a scream. And immediately realized that the person who came in my door was MY DAUGHTER! We both scared each other to death, her by coming in the door and me by making a terrible noise. The thing is that she was EXPECTED! There was a plan for her to come over and make dinner! She even sent me a grock list yesterday that I took with me to the store this morning. Jeesh!

We recovered ourselves from that ridiculous little episode and our mouse and raccoon came over and they all made chicken fajitas! Soooo good. Lizard prepped veggies and masterminded the whole thing. Raccoon commandeered the grill to cook the chicken. Mouse worked on her taxes 🤣 KW is on kitchen cleanup but that is kind of her THING anyway.

Good good smart kiddos 🧡🧡🧡

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