First a disclaimer. My post yesterday has to be just about the clumsiest post ever. What was I trying to say? I knew but somehow it didn’t come out like I wanted it to. Oh well. Short story: I was a spirited child and stuff happened (regular family stuff) and OF COURSE I often clashed with my mother for various reasons. Then I grew up. The end.

After days of dithering and dathering and haaaaannging around the Landfill, the GG launched himself to Hoton Lake today. He was doing useful things around here (taxes, etc.) but these things always seem to take sooooo long and there is so much stress involved. Sighing and pacing and loud phone calls with his siblings. I do NOT like phone calls and these were driving me nuts and THEN, when he would get off the phone he would try to tell me what they were talking about. I KNOOOOOWWWW! I heard the whole thing ’cause you were pacing around talking loudly.

So the poor old guy went to Hoton Lake All ALONE today. But guess what? Bernie (our niece’s husband) and a friend are up there to ice fish! So it sounds like the GG is probably having a GREAT TIME with GUYS doing some GUY things! Or at least talking GUY talk, since I doubt the GG is ice fishing.

I was doing a lot of sighing around here today myself as I struggled through our state’s latest user interface for renewing car and boat registrations. User ID? Whut? Password? I dunno. Which pictures show crosswalks? Duh. No I am NOT a robot. So it was easy to renew Cygnus BECAUSE MY NAME IS ON THE TITLE. It was easy to renew an old motorbote that we inherited from somebody (probably my dad?) BECAUSE MY NAME IS ON THE TITLE. Mooon Yooonit? I was able to renew it but MY NAME IS NOT ON THE TITLE. I think I know why (a logistical issue where I was “up north” when the GG picked up and paid for the car so I wasn’t there to sign on the line). But if I were not an internet Ninja, I’m not sure I’d’ve figgered that out. I think this particular user interface gets more complicated every year.

I have to say that the first time I renewed vee-hickle registrations online it was in the late 1990s and it was EASY. I think I did it on my strawberry iMac. I didn’t have to log in multiple times (or at all) or do two-factor authentication a few times because I screwed something up as I wended my way through the complicated user interface. As a long time online banking UI designer, I am very familiar with this stuff. But sometimes I have to bludgeon my way through it anyway…

The cool thing is that I THINK I registered both cars for TWO YEARS! Plus the state park passes.

One Response to “Space-i-fied”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love renewing everything on-line! However, the passwords and user names often elude me.