I dunno what my fave person is eating but he is doing it loudly enough that I can hear it from the chitchen. I am not one of those people that write Dear Prudie or whoever because they have such a high sensitivity to eating noises that they can’t eat with loved ones who make a lot of noise. But still.

Once we were at the moomincabin and it was breakfast time and there was an even louder than usual eating noise going on across the room from me. I was like, what the heck is he eating? It turns out that while he may have been eating, he was eating quietly. But he was watching a video of a fox eating a trail cam. I imagine an alligator wouldn’t be quite as noisy🤣


So is “crazy old” Florida backing off on their period laws? The ones where girls have to report details about their menstrual cycles to their coaches or whoever. Although there can certainly be menstrual health disorders, the whole bleeding thing is what women do… It isn’t a health issue by definition. In the Game of Thrones books they call it “flowering” and if you are a high-born “lady” it means you can be married off, usually to some stinky disfigured “lord” you would never choose, given your, uh, choice. Even if you are only 13 years old.

In my relatively affluent American family it was something to be hidden, at least when I was a child. So when I got my first period, I hid the first little bit of blood and prayed in my own godless way it wasn’t happening. But alas, it came back and when it did I interrupted my mom from a phone call and she IMMEDIATELY ended the call and tried to help me out.

She did the best she could but the tools were not all that great in those days. Big fugly pads that you couldn’t attach to your underwear without some kind of contraption that I can’t even remember. Tampons? Not appropriate for young girls and who would teach them how to wear them. Not my moom. What about sports? Swimming was the worst because you had to change in a big locker room with other girls (who were probably going through the same issues you were but I didn’t have a “bestie” then who I felt comfortable talking about it to). Gym teacher? Nah. She was more interested in volley ball and stuff. Actually she was a good gal and probably WAS sympathetic but I was too shy to approach a teacher about that stuff. And why do “they” always point to the gym teachers to deal with this stuff anyway?

I have an inkling that the generation after me has better tools to deal with the blood, etc., but I won’t go there.

A woman’s menstrual cycle should have NOTHING to do with whether she can participate in sporting events. If there are other related health issues, those are best not managed by any school district. The young woman can participate or not. It is her decision and maybe her coach IF she trusts her coach.

I hope this isn’t all TMI but I am concerned when school officials want to know about menstrual cycles.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    There is absolutely no reason they need to know except control of who plays and women in general. So many states appear to be going crazy. Don’t get me started…