The North Shall Rise Again

6:00 PM is the time Mr. Golden Sun set tonight. He is swinging back up to the Great White North, which is not all that white at the moment, at least down here in the south. The south of the north, meaning the Great Lake State that is. If that made any sense and it probably didn’t but I don’t really care.

I stole this pic from a beach urchin. I’m not sure if this is the vernal pond behind her house but apparently there were a lot of dcuks there this morning. This is probably somewhere else though. The terrain looks less woodsy and Thursday and Friday are usually her “weekend” so she was probably scampering about somewhere else.

I saw the same kinds of cloud formations today (we live six miles apart) but wasn’t in a good place to get my own pic because I was at teleCublandia grinding against some horrible old css. I can certainly do css but I’ve been dreading the eventuality of untangling this particular bit of css. It was created before my time at the company and I’ve been there for 16 years. It has grown “organically” over the years with various people sticking their fingers into it. I’m not even sure a lot of it is even used but I’m afraid to delete anything because changing things willy-nilly sometimes results in a big KABOOM! Like navigation menus disappear. That’s actually usually a javascript issue but maybe you get the picture if you have any experience at trying to get a computer to follow your instructions aka coding. If you don’t, you are going WTF? (I only code our high fidelity html prototype aka the “demo”. Not the actual application. But the application and the demo share css and that is on me.)

I’m just downloading crapola outta my brain today. The GG worked as a computer scientist and I can barely explain my job to him. You are probably having a much more interesting day so please carry on.

At least I didn’t write about periods today🤣

2 Responses to “The North Shall Rise Again”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My phone says that sunset here is at 5:25. Getting more light these days! That’s a beautiful photo; I love blue sky, clouds and water together. Plus some trees.

  2. Pooh Says:

    It reminds me of Seney. The tall tree across the pond at Seney has an osprey nest.