In which my super nose gets a workout

I bought salmon Thursday to make salmon piccata. It was early in the morning and instead of waiting for the seafood counter to fully open, I bought a package of pre-cut filets. I do this all the time. It’s not as good as the fancy stuff but it’s fine for what I do with it.

That night. I opened the package and yeeecchhh, what is that smell? This fish was past its prime. The GG couldn’t tell so it’s a good thing we can use my nose. It turned out okay because I had a bit of frozen salmon (the fancier kind) and I managed with that, then threw the bad stuff out the next morning, which was garbage day.

But there was still a funky odor in the refrigerator. So today I took everything out of it and WASHED all of the shelves and drawers. I do this every few weeks anyway. There ALWAYS seems to be something that spills down the back behind the shelves and settles below the bottom crisper drawer. So it was about time. I found one or two items that were past the sell date but nothing rank or odiferous. So I dunno. Lingering spoiled fish odor? Note to self. INSPECT the package the next time. Or buy the fancy stuff.

I am now frustrated because: 1a) there is a f*cking basketball game on EMU NPR so I can’t listen to folk or Cuban Fantasy tonight. 1b) Umich NPR has non-musical shows on. 2) I CANNOT GET THE HOMEPOD TO CONNECT TO MY IPHONE. I think we need a new pod. Prob’ly “need” a new iPhone too but the phone is not the issue.

P.S. Oh yeah. I got to the Red Wedding in Game of Thrones!

2 Responses to “In which my super nose gets a workout”

  1. le Marquis Says:

    I met JRR Martin once when he came to STL for a Fantasy convention. It was years ago, before the TV series and he was not yet famous.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I hate those funky odors that I can’t locate. Fish is a common culprit!