Maybe I should make myself a tin foil hat?

One of the few news/political-type things I DO agree with the GG about is that the Chinese balloon was a news distraction. I’m not sure what it was supposed to distract us FROM and I probably disagree with him about that.

But WTF is going on with all these other UFOs? I’m calling them that because that’s what they are. Unidentified Flying Objects. Unidentified = we don’t seem to know what they are. Flying = they are moving through the air without falling (until we shoot them down). Objects = do I need to explain what an object is?

This was not on my radar screen to write about at all until today when one was shot down over Lake Huron, near the (Canadian) Bruce Peninsula if the GooMaps screenshot I saw was accurate. That’s pretty close to home.

I dunno what to make of all this. I’m just a baggy old moom. Why are “we” suddenly seeing these things every day? Are they around all the time and “we” are not noticing them? Or is this a new phenomenon? After the last few crayzee years with TFG and COVID and all, what could be next? I do bet there are some air force fly-boys who are having a good time with this.

The GG is watching the Superb Owl with his brother. In Gaylord. That means I’m not gonna watch it, basically because I don’t care about feetsball but also because I don’t really know how to work the TV🐽 I’ve got Mountain Stage on instead (Janis Ian tonight!) and man oh man, I will NOT miss the Super Bowl ads or halftime show. Bring back marching bands!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I actually discovered that I recognized many of Rihanna’s songs and liked several of them but otherwise, meh. I did like the shelter ad; John and I both laughed!