Bring back the marching bands

Ever ice fish? I have not. These feet are our nephew and his friend. I have never fished. When I was about three years old my dad “promised” to take me fishing. I was sooooo excited. Guess what? It never happened. I kept asking him about it for a few years but eventually it got to be a joke. When I was old enough to actually understand a joke, that is. I don’t think my dad had any real experience at fishing. Maybe he went out in Doc Read’s bote a few times when he was a kid?

Many years later, like a few years ago, the GG got himself a fishing license. It’s really easy to get them nowadays. I mean maybe it always was but you can do it online now and I think all you need to do is show the DNR guys your phone if they catch you. We went out in the Flote Bote and he and the UU, uh, fished. Their intent was not to eat their catch. They wanted to release them. I mean, who would clean them? Not meeeee. Okay. I thought this would be a quick process. It was not! And it freaked me out watching the fish struggle during the long process to remove the hook.

Marching bands? I marched throughout junior high and high school. I was a flute player although as soon as the first chair flute person I couldn’t unseat even though I was better than her graduated (a whole ‘nother story and she was also my FRIEND), I grabbed the piccolo. It was old and in HORRIBLE shape and MY PARENTS ACTUALLY PAID THE SCHOOL DISTRICT TO (TRY TO) GET IT FIXED. Anyway I thought I was hot shit to be “commanding” a line of flute players? Who can’t even be heard in a marching band. A teenage dictator. (Game of Thrones anyone? At least I couldn’t order anyone to be beheaded, not that I would want to.)

We marched in snow and mud (I’ll never forget somebody’s shoe coming off in the mud). When I went to college as a flute performance major, I did not march. Partly it was because flutes didn’t march (there weren’t even piccolos), partly because I was a flute snob. You MAY know the stereotype. Blonde, female, etc.🐽

I do miss the marching bands. I hate the caterwauling at the super bowl halftime shows. Playing music while trying to march from formation to formation is much more interesting. Oh well. I suppose a lot of people disagree with me. And that’s okay.

2 Responses to “Bring back the marching bands”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I like marching bands and their formations but I’m sure one for the Super Bowl would be hard to organize. Or would they just have some college marching bands perform? I sometimes like the half time music show and other times not so much. This year it fell in between.

  2. Pam J. Says:

    Your description of marching bands reminds me, quite vividly, of a book I read last month: Snow Angels by Stewart O’Nan. A junior high school marching band practice figures prominently in the story line and your post propelled those scenes back into the forefront of my brain. I always like when that happens. It’s like the book, which was very good but very depressing, is part of me now. Which is why I read.