Whar’s my heater?

So the GG went to Tahq last weekend. He was winter camping (in the Lyme Lounge) so he took three heaters with him. He came home with two. Where is the other one? We do not know.

He has rummaged in the Lyme Lounge. He has rummaged in Mooon Yooonit. He has rummaged in his lair. He has rummaged in the Dungeon. Is it in the UU’s driveway (where he spent a night)? Nope. Did he leave it at his campsite? Who knows.

The thing that is driving me nuts is that he seems to intensify his on and off rummaging at 10 PM!!! If you know me in person, you can probably imagine that this drives me ABSOLUTELY STIR CRAZY! That’s time to chill out for the night if not earlier. I have not been much help. I don’t even know what this dern heater looks like.

In the last year, there have been multiple missing item incidents. A missing key fob led to a chain of unfortunate events ending with Cygnus running over an empty wine bottle. She is a late model vee-hickle and her taaars were tough so she was fine. But I was totally p*ssed off, partly at myself. And then there was the where’s my phone thing. In the Lyme Lounge it turned out. This is not due to senility, it is a consequence of having TOO MUCH STUFF TO MANAGE.

A good (and weird) thing from today. A few years ago I bought a new dryer (my dryer was old enough to drink). I don’t do appliance shopping for the most part. I use maybe two dryer settings. But my laundry appliances are in a dark dank grey-green greasy Limpopo type corner of the Landfill Dungeon and I wanted a dryer that texted me when it was done.

I got what I wanted but user interface? Whose nephew designed this? I bashed my way through installing it and it worked for a long time. But last summer they updated the app and I stopped getting texts. I could not for the life of me figger it all out so I’ve been living with this for maybe six months or so. TODAY? RANDOMLY. I did a load of laundry and I got a notification when it was done.

I sure hope he finds his heater…

2 Responses to “Whar’s my heater?”

  1. TMOTU Says:

    Well… 15% of my stuff is missing 100% of the time.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I go nuts when I misplace something although I don’t see myself rummaging at 10, even though I could since I live alone. John has one of those cool dryers. He loves it!