Chainsaw needed

Result of the sustained high winds yesterday? The GG saw one tree fall in the woods but there are two down so I don’t know which one he saw. I’ve been kind of avoiding the woods lately because at this time of year the trail can be very muddy. The school or whoever lugged a big pile of wood chips or whatever last spring or summer and they are still sitting in a big frozen heap outside the woods. Or maybe it’s not frozen since it’s been pretty warm lately.

I dunno what kind of trees are in the woods. I want to say oak but aren’t oak trees a symbol of strength? These trees are always falling down. Over the years:

There was the Sunday afternoon that I kept hearing a lucky-shuckial buzzing noise coming from somewhere. It wasn’t in the house (I didn’t think…) so I walked down to the street and saw a HUGE (van-sized) sparking event at the end of the street. Bzzzzzzt bzzzzzzt bz bzz bzzzzt and clouds of smoke surrounding it. The Nice Firefolks asked us all to please go back inside our houses. Okaaaay, we will. If I remember accurately, it turned out that a tree in the woods had kind of imploded. Was it waterlogged? I think so. A whole bunch of power lines somehow got pulled down and a neighbor a block away had a fire burning along the back of their yard where there was some kind of waaaar connected to the power grid.

Then there was the time we had a thunderstorm in the middle of the night and the GG got up to use the water closet and saw lightning hit and explode a tree. And explode it did. It splintered and shot shrapnel all over the neighborhood. One stick speared the Frog Hopper’s moon roof.

Then there was the time we had an ice storm. Lizard Breath was visiting and was about to walk downtown to meet friends when the GG came home and gave her a ride instead. While they were gone, I heard a muffled thudding noise. I was thinking it was the neighbors’ playing frisbee with their toddler and the frisbee had hit the house. But frisbee in an ice storm? The next morning I went out to walk at 0-skunk-30 and when I got to the entrance to the schoolyard (between the two woods), I realized I couldn’t see jack doodly. There is usually a streetlight there. Then I ran into branches? Yes branches. BIG tree down. I used my iPhone flashlight to navigate through that mess.

Those are the most dramatic incidents I can think of but there are always trees falling down. This one is a problem because it blocks the path although I managed to navigate around it today. And it wasn’t even very muddy!

One Response to “Chainsaw needed”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t enjoy high winds at all; there are always trees that fall. Or my fence.