Skiing under summer skies

We’re more than halfway through February and it’s that time of year when IF the sun is out, the sky starts to look a bit like summer.

Here are my once little skiers. We got them started early. We put Lizard Breath on skis when she was three. Mouse was an infant then and rode in a backpack. At one point, Liz was momentarily alone skiing from the GG to me. I heard a woman ask her if she was alone and heard her reply, “No, I’m with my mommy and my daddy.” A moment later there I was.

I’m thinking Mouse was not quite three when we first put her on skis. There was a very small RED rental pair at the Ski Ranch and she took to skiing like a duck in water. The first day. The second day she was kind of done with it. The GG took Liz out on the Rolling Hills trail or wherever. I made the mistake of saying something like, “I’ll take Mouse out on the Little Kid Loop.” Yeah. BIG MISTAKE. A tantrum ensued. I picked her up, skis, poles and all, hauled her into the Ski Ranch and turned the skis in. I (laughing) told Bob (the owner), “We’re DONE for today and probably the year.” BTW, little kids do NOT really need ski poles but they like to have them because everyone else has them.

So here they are as adults, on a ski weekend under summer-like February skies. Their shapes and stances remind me of my dad and his sister Radical Betty although both of those folks were taller. They were lucky to get enough snow to ski. Ours is completely gone as of this afternoon. Photo undoubtedly taken by our raccoon. Look at those shadows!

One Response to “Skiing under summer skies”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Downhill skiers? I loved downhill in my 20s but now feel like I might break something. I’d like to try cross country though. Good exercise, I hear!