What to write about? What to write about?

I do not have ANY ideas today but I know that if I don’t try to write SOMETHING, I will get a “no blahg today?” text at some point. I suppose I could send my own text message to say something like “not posted yet” or “no ideas, no blahg” but I will try.

The truth is it has been a REALLY slodgy weekend around here and I could not get motivated to do anything interesting in any way shape or form. I did get this photooo from the GG. He took a looooong hike today, which was a good thing because I needed some alone time. Not for a bad reason, just it was what it was. So I will leave you with this loverly squoil lineman type pic and very little commentary.

One Response to “What to write about? What to write about?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I very much enjoy listening to French people try to pronounce squirrel. Their word is equally difficult for English speakers. It’s been a not-so-wonderful weekend around here but c’est la vie.