Snow grillin’

I hope it’s okay to post this pic that I did not take. I know who the people are but they are not all that recognizable to anyone who doesn’t and it’s a cool pic.

I *think* they were grilling in this pic but maybe they were just outside. This isn’t here on The Planet Ann Arbor. It’s at the Hoton Lake Group Home. We have not had snow (or ice) here since the end of last week and what ice we got then melted over the weekend, thank you very much. I took Cygnus out this morning and did not even have to egregiously idle her. Her windows were perfectly clear and dry and it was warm enough that I could manage with just my polartech vest over my holey-elbowed turtleneck. Cygnus is dirty as all getout but we can live with that.

One of my fave times hanging around outside the Hoton Lake Group Home was in the late summer. We stood in the garage entrance for what seemed like HOURS watching a spider spin a big web. The Gumper was still around in those days so he was in and out and there was a wee bit of sippin’ bourbon involved, at least for us. The Gumper liked Triple Sec, go figger. He would sometimes sip a bit of that and get a little teary-eyed (I thought anyway) talking about his WWII experiences on the Hornet aircraft carrier, where he was the master mechanic if I have it right. He bunked with a lot of pilots who didn’t return. To the Hornet or home or anywhere but the bottom of the South Pacific. Why do people want to go to war? Rhetorical question I guess. I’m still reading Game of Thrones (book 4) and they are opening somebody’s throat or running a sword through someone every five minutes or so. And Brienne! My name is Brienne! You go girl!

When we get a warm spell at this time of year I sometimes want to think winter is sorta over itself. Alas, it most likely is NOT. We’re getting something coming through in a few days. Ice ice baby maybe? Probably. Again. Still. The sun is much farther north now and when it comes out (and it has been out a lot lately), it has a lot more power to melt whatever slippery crapola there is.

And yeah, this is all just filler on a regular boring work day. I spent the first half of it trying to wrap my brain around some NEW stuff I have to learn, then ended it putting together a “training” document that I have to present every release. Mostly a no-brainer but since it’s for a different audience than usual, I have to do some re-phrasing and editing. But I like to do that.

G’night, KW

One Response to “Snow grillin’”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Windy right now and we’re getting some much colder weather. Hopefully no snow! I have trouble with ultra-violent books or shows. I still get nauseated thinking of the first 15 minutes of “Saving Private Ryan.”