Welcome solicitors

I hate hate hate door-to-door solicitors. There was the time a car pulled into the driveway and some sketchy guys came up to the door with cleaning supplies(?) I don’t even remember what their “pitch” was. Probably because I kicked them off the porch pretty directly. I watched them go on up the street and stop at random houses. What was it about my house that prompted them to stop. I was actually blagging at that time and my little brother was still alive. He read it and was concerned about my safety. Thanks bro but these guys were kinda like the three stooges.

Then there are the magazine sales folks. This was a scam where young college students were dropped off in a neighborhood by van and earnestly went door to door trying to sell magazines. One time when this happened at MY DOOR, the “guys” seemed more clownlike than usual. I SLAMMED MY DOOR AND LOCKED IT. I heard one of the guys say [laughing], “She just slammed the door on us.” Yes. I did. You idiots! That was a billion years ago and they’re probably all U.S. senators now💩

It takes a lot of chutzpah to do door-to-door sales/soliciting and also to run for political office. I don’t have it so that’s why I am not running the world. Or selling Girl Scout cookies. You’re welcome.

I will ALWAYS buy girl scout cookies. We bought Girl Scout cookies a week or so ago and from a second salesperson today. They were both going door to door. The first was with her dad and a wagon and a leashed dog. There were cookies in the wagon. Today’s scout was with her mother and they were taking the orders on the traditional form, to be delivered in a few weeks. We didn’t care if we got them today or later. My kids were in the Girl Scouts and I was a leader and we support groups like the Girl Scouts. I never liked the cookie sale all that well but that would take a whole ‘nother blahg entry.

The parents of both of these girls both stayed down on the sidewalk while their daughters came up to ring our bell and we love girl scouts so we bought some both times. The GG is more interested in eating them than I am but I like them too and maybe we’ll take some to FlaMan? Hopefully no one will be throwing them out in six months.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Unless they’re local school children (whom I recognize), I rarely buy anything at the door or even unlock the screen. I love several varieties of GS cookies. Especially Samoas.