All home safe

I couldn’t really do my blahg today until I had heard that all of my adult kiddos were home safe because we are in the midst of a big ice storm. They are home safe (and the roads were fine for the one who had to drive six miles on back roads) so here we go.

Ice storms are fairly frequently predicted around here butcha nevah know whathca gonna get.

1997. I think it was actually March. This was before weather was as accurately predicted as it is now and we did not have a clue what was coming for us. We woke up to a thick coating of ice everywhere. We had power for a while and then we were on brownout for a few days. Brownout meant we could heat water in a pan on low heat on our electric stove and MORE IMPORTANTLY it ran the BLOWER on our ancient furnace. So we had heat. Until the lucky-shuckial companies who were cleaning up our city’s huge mess decided they had to take the whole power grid down to finish the job. So we were without power for maaaybe 24 hours? I can’t remember. But we survived. I think it was 45 degrees by that time. We built a faaar and layered up and used our gas grill to cook.

When the power came back up, our ANCIENT refrigerator (which came with the house) made a kind of a sick seagull noise and did not seem to want to work. It was a Monday and the GG wanted to go to work but I grabbed him and said something like, “Nope! We need to deal with this fridge NOW!” And we did.

Okay, I am signing off now because the GG has seen some non-LED lights flicker. I’m scheduled to meet with New Boss tomorrow for my first performance evaluation with him and I have already proactively notified him that we are having an ice storm here and I have no clue what infrastructure will be available for me to meet with him tomorrow. It’ll probably be fine butcha nevah know and I really don’t want to be AWOL.

G’night, KW

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Ice storms here are dire. The big trees, the power lines–not a good combo. We once lost power for days in a bad ice storm. Now it’s snowing and I’m not best pleased by that either. I wouldn’t care except that I have to transport my mom from the hospital to the rehab center and there are TONS of scary hills.