Ice storm? We did not lose power at least not in a sustained way. Several flickers early this morning but not enough to upset the kitchen radio settings. I did have to reset Gertrude’s clock (easy) and a set of under-counter LED lights (not easy after the latest app upgrade – whose nephew did they hire for that?).

Speaking of nephew-designed web/app stuff, our lucky-shuckial company changed their outage map since the last time I looked at it. Which was only a few weeks ago when the GG encountered a substation blowing up. The new map thingy is AWFUL. The old one showed approximate outage areas with colored shapes. This one keeps the shapes but adds some other weird little icons and the shapes keep DISAPPEARING and REAPPEARING seemingly randomly. I dunno who they paid to redesign this thing but I’m guessing they got what they paid for? Next door neighbor folks were fuming (a lot of them didn’t have power today).

I’m not saying I could’ve done any of these redesigns any better, just that I have first-hand experience in how much guzzinto it takes to design and code user-friendly websites and apps.

Okay. We have power today and so does the city mouse. The country mouse does not. So… She and our raccoon are going to spend the night with the city mouse. I also offered my house (and Chinese takeout) but they had already made arrangements. This is OKAY with me. I am elated that:

1) We all live in or near the same city now. In a way I would’ve liked to live closer to my parents (5-hour drive) but I have always loved The Planet Ann Arbor and our little family has thrived here. But it’s fun for us to be close.

2) I am soooo happy that my children get along so well. It isn’t always that way for everyone although it is generally that way in my family and the GG’s.

At any rate, the country mouse sort of apologized for choosing to stay at the city mouse’s house instead of ours. But really? I do not care. Anyone and everyone is always welcome here. I got along with my brother but we got along better when we were at each others’ houses, rather than at our parents’. I want my kids to have that experience too.

So the GG and I are gonna try to make inroads into a bunch of leftovers. I’m sure we will not finish them all.

BTW: Ice fell down ALL DAY, sometimes in large dumps. If you embiggen the pic you can see some of it on the ground beside the driveway. The driveway looks icy but it is not. Temperatures at this point were in the 40s.

One Response to “Icefall”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It sounds like you got through the ice storm well. When it starts to fall, it can be tricky. Hard hats are sometimes needed! My daughters aren’t talking to another right now or in each other’s lives and it hurts my heart.