Blast from the past

Although we did wake up to a bit of snow, this is not from today. Our wee bit of snow looked fugly at four in the morning when I peeked outside during a trip to the water closet but ultimately it quit and with temps in the upper 30s, it was mostly gone by the end of the day.

This pic is from 2016. My whole office was telecommuting for a couple months while we did a “major” office remodel. Mostly putting in new carpet but it was a messy job in Cubelandia and we had to move all the cubes out to semi truck storage spaces in the parking lot and then move them back in after the carpet and a bunch of cleanup stuff had been done. In the middle of all that, I received a new laptop at work. The LSCHP notified me and I said I HAVE CABIN FEVER! I WILL COME OVER AND PICK IT UP! When I got there he was dragging a cube around and kvetching about the movers.

We did NOT replace the cubes, just moved them in and out. I never had that much in my cube and that was good because LATER when COVID forced us into permanent TELECubelandia, there wasn’t a lot to clean out. A few personal items, some stuff Brucie gave me, and a few ancient items (even a few crumbs!) from previous occupants. Our cubes were HUGE, dating from a time when people had big desktop computers, sometimes printers, and stored a lot of paper documents. Way overkill for my job and way of doing business. I had a laptop and a minimal amount of office supplies and sometimes a stack of papers so I could compare things to what was on my laptop. I have been 100% paperless since COVID and permanent telecommuting.

On this Ice Skirt day, I was on my way home from walking to meet MMCB at Barry Bagels. It was dry when I left to go over there and on the way back I got blasted by all this wet shitola. Did I stop at the Plum on the way home that day? I can’t remember.

So for the moment, both the beach urchins are STILL without power. The city mouse is here. The country mouse is at work, where they were on intermittent generator power a lot of the day. A third (SO) is hanging out in a 50-degree house but apparently the neighborhood is slowly coming back on the grid so… The one who is ALREADY here will probably spend the night even if she does get power restored tonight. Not sure about the mouse and raccoon. I know that everyone is grateful to have a warm place to stay but also I know how nice it is to be in your OWN space.

Challenging few days for those without power and many people are still without. Just to say that our power workers are fantastic. But I do think our society needs better planning for power infrastructure.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve been reading about the lack of power but hearing the actual stories brings it home-a 50 degree house, trying to work on generator power or at someone else’s house. Since I rarely lose power, I’ve hosted several people who weren’t as fortunate. It’s fine for me but they may have felt awkward at times.