Cygnus reflects

Don’t let her shiny hood fool you, her sides are coated with mud.

Power outage update? City mouse power FINALLY came on this afternoon. Country mouse power is STILL out. No one is staying overnight tonight. Everyone is here for dinner. Actually that was the original plan way last Monday or so. Sunday night family dinner. Instead people have been over here for three nights in a row. Chinese takeout on Friday, tamale pie yesterday, and SIMPLE grilled chicken thighs, mashed potatoes, and veggies tonight. We needed simple food because we are ALL psychologically exhausted, even those of us who didn’t lose power. Don’t get me wrong, we get along with our kids and their SOs just fine and love having them here.

COVID update? Our two grock workers tested negative this afternoon before they came over for dinner (and showers and laundry). Why did they test? Because there have been a few cases at mouse’s work. She doesn’t think she was exposed (she was out of town when they had it) but… When the HELL will this be over? I guess I could say that about the power outages too.

Shower update? Four people took showers at the Landfill this afternoon. With my morning shower that makes five total.

Cheers! KW

One Response to “Cygnus reflects”

  1. Margaret Says:

    In spite of the circumstances, it would be great to have the family together and to be able to help out with a powered house and shower facilities. Since my rental washer now doesn’t work, Alison may have to avail herself of my ancient washing machine.