Okay, this is ice but it is LAKE ICE and is at Hoton Lake, not here on The Planet Ann Arbor. Photo credit to my mouse. The country one.

Today was a mixed bag around here. We got MORE FREEZING RAIN!!! But… It didn’t appear to coat the pavement, just the trees, although I swear I was hearing more sirens of the insistent get outta my way type than usual so who knows. It seemed to sorta melt after a while although the temps didn’t really warm up all that much but it was FUGLY outside ALL DAY. I did not go out. It turned out that the city mouse spent another night here, even though her power came on yesterday. At the time of night we were finished with dinner and having fun, it was easier for her to crash here. So I hung out with her doing word puzzles on the Green Couch this morning. She made coffee while I was in the shower!

The REALLY good news is that sometime this afternoon, the country mouse’s power came back on! I mean, she and the raccoon left here last night with a TOILET WATER SUPPLY. Basically a big drywall bucket if I’m remembering accurately and boy oh boy do we know where there’s a never-ending supply of those, if you can get there safely [gnoff gnoff gnoff]. If you have spent any time at the moldy old group home at Hoton Lake in the winter, you know how to flush a toilet when there’s no running water so that’s what they were doing. Not to mention remembering to jiggle the handle. You had to jiggle the handle at Hoton Lake, I dunno if they have to do that at their house. Prob’ly not.

Also this afternoon MMCB1 texted us (MMCB, the coffee group) to say that her power had finally come back on. I gnoffed to myself because MMCB1 has a WHOLE HOUSE GENERATOR! The kind that comes on automatically when the power quits. Ours is a portable model that has to be plugged in (and yes, we know not to run it in the house). Still, I’m glad she has a generator and MMCB will have more than the usual to discuss at this week’s Zoom Coffee.

P.S. This blahg entry contains a word in today’s Spelling Bee. It was the word that got me to Queen Bee.

P.P.S. My dad’s definition of running water from when he was a kid in the 1920s and The Old Cabin was new: You grab a bucket, run down to the lake, fill up the bucket, and run back up! My dad was smarter and funnier than a lot of people knew.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    We’ve been hearing a lot about the Michigan ice storm here. And I’ve been sharing some anecdotes from your blog. I too know how to flush a toilet with no running water thanks to my late husband who enjoyed living off the grid and power outages. (I do not!)