Unidentified Non Flying Object?

Naw, it’s just a snowplow. I fergit what time this thing came by. It was flying. I mean in terms of speed. It was *not* off the ground. We could’ve gotten by without a snowplow. There was some slushy snow in the street but it was not impassable and with the temps continuing to be warm, the street was a non-issue. Nevertheless I’m glad they came by because the street was DRY today.

I was able to blast Cygnus through the slushy stuff the plows left at the end of the driveway to get to the Plum this morning. The country mouse and our raccoon still did not have power (or water) this morning and so were scheduled to come over for dinner, which we decided would be CPP (chicken pot pie). I needed some grocks to make that happen. I am a U-scan ninja but was fumbling with it a bit today for reasons we won’t talk about. My fave cashier spotted me and came over to help me sort out my stoopid issue. Or maybe she was just saying HI! She had been out for a bit of surgery and I had been wondering where she was. I was so glad to see her back and looking good!

The GG returned from his symposium at around noon today. (I hope he didn’t bring COVID home). He cleaned up whatever snow was still left on the sidewalk. Shoveling was a cakewalk now that the snow has mostly melted. And then after some frenetic unpacking activities, he CRASHED! Whew!

Chicken pot pie seemed to be a success as was the salad that was possible because our north country trail visitor from last week left a whole bunch of lettuce here. Buying potatoes this morning, I caught my eye wandering to a beautiful bag of multi-colored fingerling potatoes. I caught myself before buying it, remembering a certain PURPLE chicken pot pie fiasco.

And the country mouse has POWER AGAIN!!! March came in like a lion this year. May it go out like a lamb.

One Response to “Unidentified Non Flying Object?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Hope that the wintry weather and power issues are GONE! What a pain. (although it did give a great excuse for dinner with your daughter)