Okay so maybe I’ll (try to) blahg about trans issues

Disclaimer: I am NOT an expert about this stuff. I just have opinions. So we made a little trip to Flint today to see FlaMan. As we started out, the radio was tuned to a station that was going on about transgender stuff. I don’t know what they were saying but it was NOT the station I listen to so I stated that I didn’t want to listen to that stuff. I also decided not to subject the GG to the NPR station that I mostly listen to. Jazz most of the time with news breaks on the hour or half hour. So we turned the radio OFF.

I won’t try to repeat our clumsy conversation but here is what I think as well as I can express it. First, I agree that basically there are two sexes more or less, male and female. But. I also think of sex as a continuum (which is probably not the right word). Because there are people who are somewhere sorta in between or at least “present” that way. Ever read the book Middlesex? Good book.

So someone said well, if you have two x chromosomes you are a woman and if you have an x and a y, you are a man. Well sure. But I once worked with a guy who had TWO x chromosomes AND a y. Someone said, “then he’s a man.” Well, yes he is. He would tell you that. But I certainly wouldn’t want his life. He had many health problems as a child and young adult and his uneducated parents didn’t understand HOW he was “different”. FINALLY at the age of 30, he got admitted into a program at a major clinic (household name) and the intake nurse took one look at him and said, “You haven’t been through puberty yet.” And they helped him go through puberty.

So yeah, there’s a lot of blabber about drag queens and “grooming” (whatever that really means) and giving teenagers “sex changes” (which I don’t think happens, at least not routinely). And this (to me anyway) is usually done in a MEAN tone of voice, putting down people who are “different” and maybe struggling. Just listen to Marjorie Taylor Greene and The Former Guy has been known to openly and loudly ridicule ANY “different” person who crosses his path.

My former colleague presents as a very “weird” man (TFG would ridicule him for his body shape, which he has little control over). He is also a very good man who held down a good job, owned a house, collected glassware (and gave some of it away), sewed some of his own clothing (body shape), and didn’t bother anyone unless you count the times he hung around talking FOREVER in people’s cubes. People like him and all of those with outlying sex and gender situations need to be treated humanely and I don’t understand why the MAGAts are focusing on these issues instead of “kitchen table issues”. Leave these people alone. They are not indoctrinating our children in anything. No child I’ve ever known would want to emulate my former colleague.

FlaMan? He seems to be doing VERY well! He even apologized to me that Gunsmoke wasn’t on his TV today🤣 It was Friends and he hates that show🤣 I kinda did too (never watched it before). He also ASKED if the TV was too loud! It was, a bit, and he happily turned it down. So often, FlaMan’s main focus is FlaMan. We love him anyway.

2 Responses to “Okay so maybe I’ll (try to) blahg about trans issues”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Many cultures, including ancient ones, recognize(d) that continuum of which you speak. And how is it hurting the Republicans if someone is trans? What are they so afraid of? I do NOT understand the furor over this, nor the drag queens–who have also been around FOREVER. There is much more more danger to children in schools, churches, sports programs and their own homes.

  2. Pam J. Says:

    I loved the book Middlesex. Learned so much about Detroit too.