Another March, another year

Forsythia doesn’t usually bloom here until April. This pic is from 2012 and while I think it was a bit later in March than today, all of our flowering trees started blooming in March that year. Way early. We had a string of really hot days including temperatures in the 90s.

And we had the Dexter Tornado. Dexter is a Village 10 miles west of The Planet Ann Arbor. I was driving home from work that day and the western sky was pitch black. This was a surprise. I hadn’t checked the weather. Usually when I check the weather in March I am looking for that white crapola. There was a light plane in the sky and I was kind of wondering if the pilot knew what was going on. Lots of damage in Dexter but we were spared.

2012 was the year The Commander died, on February 24th. It had been a pretty warm winter but sustained 90s in March? Not the usual. I know this is “magical thinking” but I couldn’t help wondering if The Comm had sent the weather. Even the tornado, just to remind us that she still ruled!

Alas, there is a down side to early hot weather and flowering trees, which is April came along and we had some freezes and that devastated a lot of fruit crops. And don’t worry, we were paid back for this warm year in the 2014 Polar Vortex winter, featuring TONS of snow and bitterly cold temps. I still had a glacier in my back yard in mid-April.

The pic is taken using some settings in the Hipstamatic app, which I play with from time to time. When I first got it, I began avidly collecting all of the cameras and lenses, etc., that came out. There are a bazillion of them now and I am a lot more picky. I do like this one though. Sometimes it puts big streaks of light into the pics.

Clarification on yesterday’s blahg. Re-reading it in the cold clear light of day I realized the title mentioned trans people and the person I wrote about is NOT trans so things didn’t quite match up. My real point is that we are all different and I am getting disgustedly sick of politicians making fun of those who are different and I don’t understand why “they” think our kids are being indoctrinated by any of these people. As a friend on facebook posted (re book banning), we’re worrying about books while any half-way intelligent kid can access all kinds of WORSE stuff on the internet.

2 Responses to “Another March, another year”

  1. Pam J. Says:

    I have a nephew, a niece now, who is a trans woman. It’s been fascinating to watch her progression. She’s 38, married (to a woman), and they have a 6 year old child. Right after she announced her transition, I went to her home for Thanksgiving. Her son, Quinn, took me on a tour of their new home. Quinn was about 5 then. When we went into his bedroom so he could show me around, he showed me a picture of his family on his dresser. He calmly said “my daddy is now a lady” as if it were the most ordinary thing. The marriage has stayed together and they seem very happy. I’m so proud of them and love them even more for being open and honest. (I must confess that I wonder about a few things that are not my business but how can you not?)

  2. Margaret Says:

    I got your point, I think? A blog post is a good place to do some thinking; in my case (and in yours?) that sometimes includes a rant or a ramble. I love reading those kinds of posts.