Bird magnet

Looking for March 2012 photos, I found this, starring The Ninja, my beloved 2008 Honda Civic SI, 6-speed manual transmission. I drove that vee-hickle for 13 years and never had anything go wrong with her other than routine maintenance, oil and taaaars and oh yeah brakes and stuff. And the paint was peeling at one point, which was a defect (but not a recall) so we got her repainted with some financial help from Honda. Peeling paint doesn’t leave you on the side of the road but her regular paint was so pretty, black sparkled with pinpoints of color. (Similar to Cygnus, which is Crystal Black Silica.) You can maybe see that this was MY parking space. It was in the third (and farthest) row from the building and nobody else EVER parked in that row except once or twice some birders who were checking things out.

The Ninja attracted birds! This isn’t a very good photo because I had to take it from afar (with an early iPhone) so as not to disturb the SLEEPING seagulls. So embiggen a couple times. Then there were the red winged blackbirds that used to poop all over my side mirrors. Occasionally The Admiral (a great blue heron) would be picking his way along and I have seen sandhill cranes dance. Other birds included eagles, ducks, a bazillion geese and other smaller birds that I’m blanking on the names of at the moment. Most of those didn’t interact with my car.

Taking the compost out this afternoon, I encountered my neighbor puzzling over how to take down a tangled mess of branches from a tree that fell during one of our twin storms. It didn’t fall anywhere near his house but it is a mess. I asked if he had a chainsaw. His answer? Yes, but my husband had told him he didn’t like to see him use the chainsaw above his head. Yep, the GG would DEFINITELY call that activity out after all of his chainsaw training. It’s okay. My neighbor is a highly intelligent and resourceful guy (no knuckleheadedness whatsoever) and he’ll figger it out.

Hunkering down for yet a third significant winter event. Seeya on the other side.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Chainsaws terrify me! Winter in March, eh? Stay warm and dry!